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Rough Idea: Budget For New Websites

Just to give you a ballpark, our new website builds start from around $4,000, ranging up to $15,000 and beyond, depending on your requirements..  All good?  Great, read on for the details :)

Rough idea: Budget for site updates

Just to give you a ballpark, the minimum we're able to take on in terms of updates is $1,500.  This is where we find we can make the biggest impact, bringing our experience with over 400 Shopify stores to the table.  All good?  Great, read on for the details :)

Rough idea: Budget for site duplication

Just to give you a ballpark, our site duplication service costs around $3,200 - $4,000, depending on your requirements.  Is that ok for you?

What is your goal with the site duplication?

For example: Start a new regional site ("I have a USA site and want a Canadian site"), or to create a separate sub-brand using a similar setup to your existing store, etc.
Looks like we might not be the best fit for you.  But we'd love to help you find your way :)

If you’re in a hurry, or on a very tight budget, we probably aren’t the best company for you. Our very best work takes time, and we like to work closely with our clients to boost the business, not only the website. Our rates are competitive, and we like to think we have some of the best service of any company working with Shopify.

We like client relationships that work well for us and you, and that generally means you’re keen to work with one of the best in the business (the world’s highest-rated Shopify Experts with over 150 positive reviews), are serious about your business, and want an experienced company to partner with as you start and grow.

That said, we never want to push people into using a budget they aren't comfortable with, so in case the budget isn’t a good fit right now, we’d love to help you find your way.

Some other great places to find developers are:
- http://experts.shopify.com/developers - you’ll find a list of other developers you could contact, perhaps at a lower price point
- If you still have questions for us, you can continue filling out this form or contact us at info@blackbeltcommerce.com and we would be glad to help you.

We just like to be honest with you up-front, hence this message :)
Which system are you migrating from?

We've worked with many migrations in past, migrating some of the world's largest clients from other systems onto Shopfiy.

During the migration, would you like us to take care of everything, or would you like to have some input for the 'legwork' to reduce costs?

For example: Migrating page content, migrating products, and so-on. Some clients prefer to help with these tasks themselves; others prefer for us to take care of everything.

Have you chosen a Shopify theme yet?  If yes, which one?

If not, we can recommend some of the best.
Do you have a specific Design for your store already, or do you need us to input on that? *

If you don't have a design yet, please list 2-3 websites that you like. This helps us gauge your tastes so we can provide some good recommendations.
What does your business do? *

We'd love to hear about your business. It can be short. E.g. "We sell [X]", "We help [x type of customer] do Y".
What are the top 1-3 goals you hope achieve with this project? *

Again, short is fine: Please tell us your biggest goals for the project. E.g. increase sales, reach a new market, launch a new business, get more email signups.
Any specific functionality you need?

Some sites are simple. Others are more in-depth. Is there anything specific you need on the site, other than having pages, blogs & products and accepting payments?
Approximate monthly revenue *

Of course, we wont' share this with anyone.  This is just to help us understand your volume and where we may best be able to help increase your sales.

Approximate Budget *

Don't worry, we'll give you a fixed, concrete quote before we do anything, so there are no surprises.  Please give us an indication of your budget range so that we can best tailor our quotation to suit your needs.
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